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Tempus Electric Bikes is a manufacturer of electric bikes, founded by two twenty year old entrepreneurs. As a result of two years of hard work and building four prototypes in their apartment, the CRT1 was born. What makes their bike worth writing about on this blog is the design of their bike. The CRT1 is modeled after vintage cafe racer motorcycles, making it one of the first of its kind.

The CRT1 is a premium electric bike, starting at $2999 USD however; with this one, you get what you pay for. The bike is crafted with high quality parts and offers a lot more than other similarly priced bikes out there. To complete the look and feel of a motorcycle, it is equipped with front suspension, a front and rear LED, and a leather motorcycle seat.

One of the things that Tempus prides itself on is the fact that they do not exaggerate their specs. They do not inflate the range of their bikes, claiming that it can get some distance only possible with a 135lb rider pedaling the entire way time. Rather, their range is based on how far you will get on a regular ride, being fully throttled most of the time without pedaling.

It’s not quite as fast as a motorcycle, but the CRT1 has a top speed of 45km (28mph) and can take you from 40km (25 mph) to 60+km (37+ mph) with moderate pedaling. The bike weighs 75lbs and is equipped with a 52V 16.5Ah battery, which gives it significantly more range than most other e-bikes available for the same price.

What drives Ikenna and Xavier to wake up everyday is their passion for speed and design. The two do not want to just make another e-bike; they want to share their passion with the world. “Riding an e-bike is unlike anything else. Between the instant thrust of speed you feel every time you hit the throttle and being able to weave through traffic ever so smoothly, it just never gets old. We are not here to just make another e-bike and then disappear. We want to continuously push the standard of design in all electric transportation. The CRT1 is our first step towards that.”

On to the big question: where and when can you buy one? Tempus is just about to begin their first production run, expected to be delivered between October and November.

To follow them on their journey, you can follow them on social media:

Facebook: TempusElectricBikes

Instagram: Tempusebikes

Twitter: @tempusebikes


If you would like to place a pre-order, you can do that on their website: https://www.tempuselectricbikes.com

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