MotoBailey Shoe Review

The MotoBailey boot was going to be right up my alley from the very start. I loath having to buy a different shoe for every different occasion; I find it wasteful and I have a hard time finding U.S. made options. MotoBailey makes their boots in the US with imported materials, which I appreciate. The fact that I can wear these boots in the studio, at my storefront, at client meetings, and on my motorcycle means I have one less thing I have to purchase and worry about.

These boots are the ultimate twofer for urban riders. While I am more of a rural rider, living in the hinterlands of Northern California, I am also a professional and a business owner, which means I have to look presentable throughout the day. Having to haul around an extra pair of shoes for meetings with clients is the last thing I want to deal with. What a pleasant experience to have the safest boot in my wardrobe also be the most stylish.

MotoBailey proves you can have it all, and why we don’t see this more often I don’t know. They line both styles of boots they offer with Kevlar. Hats off to them for thinking dynamically. The price point on these boots is reasonable and because they combine two kinds of foot wear they can potentially save you as much as they cost. Where I ran into some concern was the boot laces and gromits (or lack there of). While I can’t say what will happen after a lot of use, because I just got these boots, I can say that some metal grommets would make me feel like the lace-holes won’t wear and stretch or break. The shoe laces themselves seem a bit thin and delicate. While Moto Bailey wants to have a swankier-looking boot than the normal motorcycle boot (and they do) I worry that the delicacy of the laces and the gromits might be a problem down the line.

My father is a local blacksmith and I was envious of the grommets on his work boots which I think MotoBailey might want to consider.

There’s metal eye on the top lace-hole but I strongly feel that each opening should have one. If Moto Bailey wants these to be your go-to, everyday boot they need to be able to withstand some abuse. I look forward to finding out if these stylish boots can stand the test of time and wear.

Words and Photos by Trinia Jean, guest writer for Cafe Racer XXX and cofounder of Hinterland Empire

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